Create & Test Azure Bot Service (Bot Service – Part 1)

You can use the Azure Bot Service for creating bots. It provides the core components including the Bot Builder SDK for developing bots and the Bot Framework for connecting bots to channels. In this topic, you will learn how to use Bot Service to create a new bot that uses the Bot Builder SDK.

Create Bot Service

  • Create a new Resource Group (optional).
  • Search and add Web App bot.

  • In the Bot Service window, provide the requested information about your bot.

  • Click on the Web App Bot you just created.
  • Click Test in Web Chat to test the service. Enter a message and your bot should respond.

This is how you can create a Basic Web App Bot/Functions Bot by using Bot Service and verified the bot’s functionality by using the built-in Web Chat control within Azure.

Next is to learn how to manage your bot and start working with its source code. Stay tuned!

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