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When implementing a new company in NAV there are quite a lot of setup tables that you have to set up. Typically, what you can do is to go to your customer and start asking questions. Based on the answer that you get start performing the setup manually. With the questionnaires you can automate this process.

How to access Configuration Questionnaire?

  • On the RapidStart Services Implementer role centre, click Questionnaires on the navigation menu or
  • Click Departments/Administration/Application Setup/RapidStart Services/Configuration Questionnaire or
  • In the Search box type Configuration Questionnaire and select the relevant link.

Setting up Questionnaire?

  • You can specify a new Questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire will have Question Areas. The following example shows question areas related to the general ledger setup, the inventory setup, the purchases and payables setup and so on.

  • The following screenshot show how a typical Question Area may look like:
    • A questionnaire is always linked to a table and typically a set of tables like in this case the general ledger setup, table 98. And next, you will see that for all of the fields that we have in table 98 you can ask a question.
    • You can then send these questionnaires, for example, in Excel format to the customer and they can start answering as many as possible of these questions and then afterwards you can import them into NAV and apply answers.

Typical Process?

  • First of all, define or specify the table, the setup table for which you want to create a questionnaire.
  • Then you might want to use the Update Question functions to automatically insert a question on all fields of the setup table.
  • Then you probably might want to remove existing, some fields for which it does not make sense to ask questions on.
  • Then you could rephrase some questions in order to make it more efficient and easier to use the questionnaire.
  • Once these questionnaires are created you can start using them, for example you can Export to Excel, answer some questions and then Import Back From Excel.

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