Cortana Intelligence in NAV 2017

Cortana gathers and analyses data and uses pre-configured analysis tools, machine learning and big data storage.

Cortana can be used as a prediction tool for many areas of NAV, such as predicting future sales based on past sales of an item, cash flow based on payable and receivables, as well as predictions of what a customer might buy based on what similar customers have bought. This could be based on buying patterns, demographic, location etc.

It will also predict if a customer will respond to a marketing campaign based on whether they have followed through from emails and offers previously, combined with some demographic information.

In NAV 2017, you can choose to include Cortana Intelligence Capabilities, for example, in this case, as soon as I changed my User Personalization to ACCOUNTANT profile (new profile included in Nav 2017), the system asked me if I want to include Cortana Intelligence capabilities in the Cash Flow forecast?

Clicking on Yes, automatically opens up the Cash Flow Setup, where you can provide settings under Cortana Intelligence tab.

For more information, you can click on Open Cortana Intelligence
Gallery action, which will take you to Forecasting Model for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials.

In Dynamics 365, Cortana intelligence is a subscription service. You can view and create models with a monthly subscription. When you’ve finalised setup of model you can deploy as a web service and you get an API key to connect NAV to your own online model.

With the direct marketing analysis, you can pass historical information that you know the answer to and ask it to analyse and compare to real results. For instance, this type of customer looked at this type of product, we then sent a follow up email, did they click through and visit the website? It also allows you to try different modelling methods to find the one that best suits your data to predict if it’s worth following up initial interest.

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