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One of the important tasks that you need to perform when setting up a new company in NAV is, of course, a data migration. You need to migrate a lot of data such as customer data, vendor data, item data and so on. To migrate data as efficiently as possible you can use Data Templates.

How to access Data Template?

On the RapidStart Services Implementer role centre, click Templates on the navigation menu.

Typical Process?

  • If we take domestic customers we could predefine the number of fields because all domestic customers might have the same customer posting group, might have the same language code, might have the same general business posting group and so on and that is the whole idea and that is the intention of using these data templates.
  • You will divide our master data that you have to migrate in different groups, such as based on item groups, based on customer groups and so on. And for each group you will then specify all the fixed fields and all the fixed values of the different fields.
  • When you have to migrate data using, for example, Excel, you can then link such a data template. This means that in Excel you can leave out all these fields from your Excel template and focus only on the variable data.

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