Dynamics NAV Authentications and License Types

You can setup new users in Dynamics NAV using various Authentications, and with various License Types. What are these?

Following are the license type options:

  • Full User
    The user has full read and full write permissions based on the license of that specific company.
  • Limited User
    A limited user will have full read permissions but only limited write permissions and also limited to predefined tables.
  • Device Only User
    A user that works with devices.
  • Windows Group
    You can also have users of Windows Groups, which means that they will inherit the settings of that Windows Group.
  • External User
    The customer of your customer.

You can create users with different authentication such as:

  • Windows Authentication
    With this credential type, users are authenticated using their Windows credentials.
  • Access Control Service Authentication
    With this setting, Microsoft Dynamics NAV relies on Microsoft Azure Access Control service (ACS) or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for user authentication services.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Password Authentication
    With this setting, the user is prompted for username/password credentials when they access Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Office 365 Authentication
    It validates your Office 365 credentials.

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