Rapid Start Services in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

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Implementing a new company in NAV involves many different set up tasks, such as:

  • You have to set up the chart of accounts.
  • You have to migrate items, customers, vendors, fixed assets.
  • You need to set up currencies.
  • You might want to set up document approvals and so on.

All of these different tasks need to be performed when you set up a new company. And if you don’t use a tool like RapidStart Services, you have to perform these tasks manually, which can be rather time consuming and which is not very efficient.

Components of Rapid Start Services

Following are the components of Rapid Start Services. You can click on each link to read more about the component:

  • Configuration Worksheet: In a configuration worksheet, we specify all the tables that we need to set up, such as the chart of accounts, master data like customers and vendors, set up tables like the general ledger set up, the sales and receivable set up and so on.
  • Configuration Packages: We have a configuration package from which we can create RapidStart files.
  • Configuration Questionnaires: We have questionnaires that we can use to set up the specific set up tables.
  • Configuration Templates: There is the configuration templates component that we can use to predefine fields for customers, vendors, items and so on.
  • RapidStart Services Wizard: We have the wizard that we can use when creating a new company.
  • RapidStart Services Role Center: There is a RapidStart Services role centre available as well.

Rapid Start Services Process Flow

In RapidStart we can use the configuration worksheet to list all the tables, such as chart of accounts, the units of measure and so on.

From the configuration worksheet we can then create the configuration package.

And from that package we can create the RapidStart file, which means that we have a file that contains all the data, all the information for a specific configuration.

Rapid Start – Role Centre

You can use the RAPIDSTART SERVICES profile for your role centre. See How to: Assign a User to a Profile for more information.

This role centre provides you easy access to everything that is important when working with Rapid Start.

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