Dynamics NAV Authentications and License Types

You can setup new users in Dynamics NAV using various Authentications, and with various License Types. What are these? Following are the license type options: Full User The user has full read and full write permissions based on the license of that specific company. Limited User A limited user will have full read permissions but Read More

Data Migration Using Assisted Setup

Click here to view all NAV related blog posts. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 you can use assisted set up to perform certain set up tasks based on the wizard. The data migration is one of these tasks. This is what we call the data migration using assisted set up. This is based on a wizard. You Read More

Configure New Company Using Rapid Start Services

Click here to view all NAV related blog posts. You can create a new empty company and use the RapidStart file and apply it to the new company. For example: Create a new blank company. For more information click here. Go to the newly created blank company and use the Rapid Start Services to setup the new Read More

Configuration Package

Click here to view all NAV related blog posts. If you want to export or work with that tables, you need to assign Configuration Package to the worksheet. How to assign configuration package? On the configuration worksheet, you can select a record or multiple record and click Assign Package. From the list of Configuration Packages, you can Read More

Configuration Worksheet

Click here to view all NAV related blog posts. How to access Configuration Worksheet? On the RapidStart Services Implementer role centre, click Configuration Worksheet on the ribbon or Click Departments/Administration/Application Setup/RapidStart Services/ Configuration Worksheet or In the Search box type Configuration Worksheet and select the relevant link. The following screenshot shows how a configuration worksheet Read More

Configuration Questionnaires

Click here to view all NAV related blog posts. When implementing a new company in NAV there are quite a lot of setup tables that you have to set up. Typically, what you can do is to go to your customer and start asking questions. Based on the answer that you get start performing the setup manually. Read More

Show as Chart Feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV there is a feature called Show as Chart, usually available on a list page. This feature has been available from quiet some versions now. The following article explains on how you can work with the feature. We will consider Customer List as an example. Open the Customer List page and on Read More