Start & Stop Azure VM Automatically

With all the benefits of using Virtual Machines on Azure, one of challenge is to manage the cost of running it. It becomes important especially for developers and consultants as they may not need the virtual machines to run all day. Using Azure Automation, you can schedule the start and stop timings for your virtual Read More

Azure Functions – Resize Images Uploaded to Blob Storage

Scenario I have been capturing images with my power App, which are uploaded to a Blob Storage. My power App uses the build in phone camera to capture images, hence each image size is more than 2 MB. I use these images in one of my reports generated periodically via logic app (also converted to Read More

Using Azure Functions to Call Dynamics 365.

Credits…Original Post by Nishant Rana (Big Thanks!). Here is an example of a simple Azure Function that refers our CRM assemblies and creates contact record in CRM. Log in to Azure Portal, and perform the following actions: Optionally, Create a Resource Group, so that it is easy to maintain the resources. Search for “Function App” Read More

Check Traffic with a Scheduler-Based Logic App

The following article takes you through steps that show how you can build a logic app with a scheduler trigger, which runs every weekday and checks the travel time, including traffic, between two places. If the time exceeds a specific limit, the logic app sends email with the travel time and the extra time necessary Read More

Using Times Series API in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Introduction With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 release, Dynamics NAV enters into the world of machine learning and the first step into this journey is to bring the Time Series API to Dynamics NAV developers. In this article you will get to see how to get an Azure Machine Learning experiment, publish an endpoint and use Read More