Using Azure Functions to Call Dynamics 365.

Credits…Original Post by Nishant Rana (Big Thanks!). Here is an example of a simple Azure Function that refers our CRM assemblies and creates contact record in CRM. Log in to Azure Portal, and perform the following actions: Optionally, Create a Resource Group, so that it is easy to maintain the resources. Search for “Function App” Read More

Connect Power BI Desktop to Dynamics 365

Do you want to connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis, produce beautiful reports, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices. Well, then you can use the Power BI suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. Read More

Task Management

  To-Do’s When you click To-dos, you will get overview of all the To-dos in the system. Every To-do will have a Status and based on the status you can look, filter and sort if you want to pay attention to those that are not completed. Mostly the To-dos are used in the context of Read More

Campaign Management

A campaign is any sort of activity that involves a number of contacts. It can be anything from sending out catalogue and special offers to organizing a special event. You can record contact responses to campaigns as interactions, which means that a response to a campaign becomes an interaction in Dynamics NAV, and that interaction Read More

Interactions and Document Management

Setting up Interactions Interaction Templates & Attachments To open Interaction Templates, click Departments/Sales & Marketing/Setup/Interaction/Interaction Templates. In the following view, you will find all the pre-configured interaction templates: Each template is identified by a code providing you are short explanation on what the template is all about, such as abstracts of meeting, business letters, e-mail, Read More

Opportunity Management

When we say Opportunity Management in Dynamics NAV, we mean sales opportunities. Opportunity Management Setup Sales Cycle A sales cycle is: The course of time between the initial contact being made with a customer the transaction that completes the sale. A measure of the efficiency of a sales department. A breakdown of what happens in Read More


Segments are subset of contacts, based on certain criteria. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV we can make subgroups of targeted contacts by making use of the Segmentation functionality. But before we can create such segmentation, we need to check if we have sufficient information and parameters to base our segmentation on! So, the question is what Read More

Relationship Management Overview

What is Relationship Management? Is it the same as CRM? Or Is it the same as Customer Relationship Management? So, it is an important to first position what is Relationship Management in NAV. Relationship Management in NAV is more than just relations with customers: You can track companies and persons, but they do not necessarily Read More