Custom E-Mail Cover Letter Layouts in Dynamics NAV 2017

The cover letters are created using RDLC or Word layout customization features providing visual consistency with any attached pdf document.

Specify Document Layout for a Customer

Say we want to setup different e-Mail body for specific customer, so we will assign a specific report by customer which will enable us to process multiple formats at the same time. We will use the Customer Layout from the customer card by Document Type to do this.

In the following example we will do it for the Invoice.

Open a Customer Card (say for 20000 Selangorian Ltd.) and Navigate to Document Layouts.

On the Document Layout for the particular Customer, we fill in the following fields:

  • Usage = Invoice
  • Report ID – 1306 (Sales – Invoice)
  • Send to Email = The e-Mail will be sent to the e-Mail provided in the customer card or you can provide an extra e-Mail in this field.
  • Use for Email Body = Yes
  • Email Body Layout Description = Red – Email Body (Choose from the Custom Report Layouts)

Send and Receive E-Mail

Once we have setup the Document Layout, we can now use the Send Email window to have a preview of what our layout will look like and the using the options we can send the e-Mail.

Let’s open a posted invoice for our customer.

On the Posted Sales Invoice click Send, which will open a window with some options, such as:

  • We can choose Email Prompt for Settings or use Default Settings
  • We can select how the attachment needs to be attached
  • We can also have Disk options as PDF or Electronic Documents if we use those.

Click OK. Before e-Mail is sent, we have the possibility to verify the e-Mail address, the subject line, the attachments and as per the Email Body Template, this is how the e-Mail will look like:

When we click OK, an e-Mail is sent to the Customer using the e-Mail Template.

By opening the e-Mail the recipient can see the contents of the invoice which has been sent using the template and the full invoice is also available as an attachment.

Other Message Options

You can switch to a manual written message:

  • By using the Message Content field or
  • If you are using a client, you can open and edit the message in Outlook

In this example, we open one of the posted sales invoices and click Send.

We will leave the Email option as “Yes (Prompt for Settings)”, to get a prompt for settings and click OK. This time selecting Message Content as “Custom Message. Here you can type in a custom message and click Ok to send the e-Mail.

Now, the recipient will receive an e-Mail with personalized e-Mail body text.