Enabling Outlook Add-in for NAV 2017

This article discusses the steps required to Enable Outlook Add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. Prerequisites To enabling Outlook Add-in, you must have: SSL Certificate Certificate Thumbprint Web Client Installed Create User In this example we are creating a user with SUPER permission and following credentials: Username: DemoUser Password: Pass@Word1 For more information, you can Read More

Working with Accounting Period

It is good to change your profile to Accounting Manager to work with Account Periods. How do I create a new financial year? You can create a financial with these simple steps: Click Departments/Administration/Application Setup/Financial Management/Finance/Accounting Periods or just search for Accounting Periods and choose the related link. On the Accounting Periods window, click Create Read More

Handling Incoming Documents and OCR Functionality

Typically, in case of purchases, incoming document files represent payment receipts for expenses or small purchases. Many a times these transactions are not recorded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV from the outset. Instead, an external business document comes into your company as an e-mail attachment or a paper copy that you scan to file. Other examples Read More

General Posting Setup

General Posting Setup in NAV is combination of: General Business Posting Group Essentially this is the WHO we deal with? When setting up business posting groups, you must consider: How many groups you need for breaking down sales by customers and How many groups you need for breaking down purchases by vendors. The business groups Read More

Reversals & Corrections in NAV

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV there are two ways of performing reversals & corrections: When an incorrect General Journal is posted, the posted ledger entries can be reversed in the corresponding registers. Incorrect entries can be corrected by posting one or more corrective entries using the General Journal. Reversal Using Registers Open G/L Registers (Departments/Financial Management/General Read More

Deferrals in NAV 2016

Overview With Deferrals, Microsoft has added a very interesting function in NAV 2016. By setting up deferral templates, you can have the system create Deferral schedules from General Journals, Sales and Purchase documents and so on. Features You typically use Deferrals when you want to recognize revenue expenses on future dates, for example you invoice Read More