Using Times Series API in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Introduction With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 release, Dynamics NAV enters into the world of machine learning and the first step into this journey is to bring the Time Series API to Dynamics NAV developers. In this article you will get to see how to get an Azure Machine Learning experiment, publish an endpoint and use Read More

Qualitative Methods

When a product is new, however, or when data are lacking for one reasons, you have to rely on judgement and intuition. In such cases, you are best advised to find the most experienced, market-savy, objective person – or better yet, group of experts – and rely on them for a rough estimate of likely Read More

Quantitative and Qualitative Forecasting

Quantitative Forecasting Techniques (Definition) An approach to forecasting where historical demand data are used to project future demand. Extrinsic and Intrinsic techniques are typically used. Qualitative Forecasting Techniques (Definition) An approach to forecasting that is based on intuitive or judgmental evaluation. It is used generally when data are scarce, not available, or no longer relevant. Read More

Demand Forecasting Concepts

(Definition) Forecasting is the business function that attempts to predict sales and use of products so they can be purchased or manufactured in appropriate quantities in advance. (Definition) Demand Forecasting is forecasting the demand for a particular good, component, or service. Forecasts are subject to uncertainty, and this uncertainty is one potential contributor to the Read More