Enter and Edit Information – Business Central

View and Edit Mode In general, you can only edit information from card pages, not from list pages (with some exceptions like the Chart Of Accounts lists). When you open the card page from the list, the card page is automatically in edit mode and you can start editing the information. Note: You switch to Read More

Filter Information – Business central

You can use filters to find required information. Filters retrieve subset of records that are corresponding to a certain value expression or formula. Now let’s assume that you want to find items where the inventory > 20. What can you do? Open the item list. Go to the field Inventory. Open the menu to add Read More

Search and Select Information – Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central application will have thousands of entries. Being able to search through this data is important. Use search for information in lists. For example, let’s go to the Customer List and here we find the Search icon. If you click on the search icon you can enter a search value. The Read More

System Indicator Style in microsoft Dynamics NAV

It would have been helpful if there was a preview of different accents available for system indicator styles, rather than restarting the client to check if we selected the right colour. Anyway, here is a preview of different accents available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which you can setup in company information. Accent 1 Accent 2 Read More