Exploring List Pages – Business Central

List pages are pages that show multiple records. It shows selected information, but for all the records that you have in your database or your company.

There’s something which is called view layout option, and that means that you can decide how you want to see the content of your list, i.e. by List, Tall Tiles and Tiles.

Then if you want to know a little bit more information without going into a card page, then you can open up the Factbox.

On top of the list you have the command bar and you see that you have recurring functions or functions that you will use quite a lot.

Customize Home Page in Dynamics NAV 2016

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can customize your Home page to personalize your user experience. Customizing, or personalizing, the home screen is easy to do, making your work in NAV more productive.

In the following example, we are on the original home screen of Bookkeeper user profile. Let us say that we would like to add Fixed Assets to the view. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Click Departments/Financial Management/Fixed Assets/Fixed Assets to go to Fixed Assets.

  • Click on the drop down icon besides Fixed Assets and select Save View As.

  • Specify Name and select the appropriate Activity Group. Click OK.

  • Click Yes on the dialog box that appears. Changes will take effect after the client is restarted.

  • Note that the Fixed Assets menu item is now available on the Home page.

You can now right-click on the Fixed Asset menu item and use the Customize Navigation Pane to perform many more actions, such as moving the placement of the menu item, up or down, etc.

NOTE: Please note that you can add almost any list screen in Dynamics NAV to your home page.