Dynamics 365-Sales Process Overview

Following is a standard process in Dynamics 365. In case your organization follows some additional steps, those can also be incorporated in Dynamics 365 for Sales as well. The first step in the process is to create a LEAD. A lead can be a potential sale or a potential customer. Once the lead shows interest Read More

Dynamics 365 – Sales Important Terminology

Want to get started with Dynamics 365 for Sales? Following are basic terminologies that you should be aware of: Accounts: Accounts is an organization which includes: Customer Vendor Partner Affiliate or Other So, when you are doing business with any company, you capture those company details in the Accounts entity. NOTE: An Entity is a Read More

Opportunity Management

When we say Opportunity Management in Dynamics NAV, we mean sales opportunities. Opportunity Management Setup Sales Cycle A sales cycle is: The course of time between the initial contact being made with a customer the transaction that completes the sale. A measure of the efficiency of a sales department. A breakdown of what happens in Read More

Combining Direct Debits with Recurring Sales Invoicing

One of the options in NAV is that you can combine direct debit with recurring sales invoicing. For more information on how to setup and work with Direct Debit Collections, please refer to one of my previous article here. Setup Standard Sales Codes Let us say for example you have an agreement with a customer Read More

Qualitative Methods

When a product is new, however, or when data are lacking for one reasons, you have to rely on judgement and intuition. In such cases, you are best advised to find the most experienced, market-savy, objective person – or better yet, group of experts – and rely on them for a rough estimate of likely Read More