Data Migration Using Assisted Setup

Click here to view all NAV related blog posts. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 you can use assisted set up to perform certain set up tasks based on the wizard. The data migration is one of these tasks. This is what we call the data migration using assisted set up. This is based on a wizard. You Read More

Enabling Outlook Add-in for NAV 2017

This article discusses the steps required to Enable Outlook Add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. Prerequisites To enabling Outlook Add-in, you must have: SSL Certificate Certificate Thumbprint Web Client Installed Create User In this example we are creating a user with SUPER permission and following credentials: Username: DemoUser Password: Pass@Word1 For more information, you can Read More

Payment Registration

What are the benefits of using Payment Registration? Simplicity: All processes are brought together on one page to efficiently handle registration of incoming documents. Ability to accommodate various ways of doing payment registration. Productivity: Easy overview of open entries. Easy sorting and filtering across open entries. Less data entry. Ease of Use: In common scenarios, Read More

Test E-Mail Setup for NAV SMTP Mail Setup

  Open the SMTP Mail Setup window. Click Apply Office 365 Server Settings (if you have access to Office 365 account). You can ask your administrator for these settings or for testing you can lookup SMTP setting for various email service providers (such Hotmail, etc.). Choose Authentication as Basic.NOTE:When you send email messages multiple times Read More