Power BI Desktop – Connecting to Data (part 1/3)

In the following article I want to show you how easy it is to use Power BI Desktop and how quickly you can create your first visualizations.

Get Data

Open Power BI Desktop and click Get Data function.

So, we need data, but we don’t have any! Why don’t we get some data from the Web?

To do this we can simply click on the Search bar any type Web. In the search result, select Web and click Connect.

Now we need to specify the URL. In this example, you can search for “IMF World Economic Outlook Database” on the web to get the GDP data. Please note that you might get a different result depending on the time you are looking for it, right now October 2017 version is the latest one that we will use in this example.

Click on the search result.

We would like to get data By Countries (country level data).

We would like to get the data for All Countries.

Click Continue.

Select Gross domestic product, current prices in U.S dollars and click Continue.

Click Prepare Report.

The next page will show you a table with result, we can download the result but in this case we would like to use the URL of this page.

You can copy the URL of this page (link) and paste it in the Power BI URL request field and click Ok.

This opens the Navigator, that allows us to select the information that we want to retrieve from the selected Web Page.

Select Table 1 in this example. To view the correct result, you can toggle between the Table View and Web View.

If you click Load, it will immediately load the data into the data model. In case you click Edit, then you will first open the Query Editor. The query editor is a separate tool in Power BI desktop that allows us to prepare data and then load the clean data into the data model.

Click Edit. Here you can see the query editor with the project data.

In the following topics, check out what we can do with this data:

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